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Bulk Barrel and Winetainer


Description  Capacity Weight Length Width Height
4 Barrel 240 Gals. 242 lbs 46" 46" 54"
5 Barrel 300 Gals. 263 lbs. 46" 46" 62"
6 Barrel 360 Gals. 283 lbs. 46" 46" 70"
 Capacity and weight are approximate.

Bulk Barrel

While allowing valuable oxygen molecules to permeate the vessel’s sidewall, Bulk Barrel’s unique proprietary design is virtually impermeable to water and alcohol vapor, which eliminates the leaking and routine topping requirements associated with oak barrel maturation. Moreover, the seamless one-piece interior construction is much easier to clean and sanitize before reuse, which eliminates the routine repair and maintenance costs created by aging oak barrels. Best of all, Bulk Barrel provides superior wine maturation at half the acquisition cost of oak barrels with an indefinite useful life.

  • 100% FDA Compliant PE Construction - virtually maintenance free and easily cleaned and sanitized before use.
  • Unique Cylindrical Inner Barrel - provides superior structural integrity and dimensional spacing, eliminating harmful air space.
  • Optional Sampling Tap is protected by outer frame support.
  • Sanitary Bottom Valve Connection drains domed bottom completely and helps facilitate thorough clean out. Available in 1-1/2, 2, and 3 inch sizes.
  • 2" Bung Fill Opening within large lid reduces air space to a minimum. Also, can be used to install racking, ferment vent valve, and other accessories.
  • Large Sanitary Lid Opening. Recessed design minimizes internal air space when closed, and provides complete interior tank access when opened.
  • Seamless, Homogeneous Interior Bottle naturally matures wine by permeating the air's oxygen at a similar rate as an oak barrel.
  • Wood Planks or Chips or Powder can be inserted to meet targeted flavoring objectives, reducing the risk of "over-oaking."
  • Heavy Duty, Premium Plastic Stacking Frame provides superior stacking strength (3-4 high) and protection for the inner barrel.
  • Other wine making accessories available upon request including sanitary valves, closures, and gaskets. 

Capacity Height Tare Weight
 126 Gallon 25.5" 310 lbs.
 165 Gallon 28.5" 321 lbs.
 180 Gallon 31.5" 346 lbs.
 245 Gallon 37.5" 384 lbs.
 300 Gallon 43.5" 419 lbs.
 350 Gallon 49.5" 464 lbs.
 446 Gallon 61.5" 537 lbs.
 550 Gallon 73.5" 607 lbs.
 793 Gallon 73.5" 1009 lbs.


Winetainer is the optimum stainless solution to wine making, including a dimple heat transfer surface to facilitate targeted cooling objectives. All standard Winetainer products come equipped with a food grade interior weld finish.           

  • 304 stainless steel construction.
  • 22-1/2" diameter top fill opening with 2" sanitary clamp style connection in center of lid.
  • 2" sanitary 90 degree elbow outlet in bottom of tank facilitates complete drainage.
  • Lifting/stacking lugs.
  • Sample port valve.
  • 3-way forkliftable
  • Base is 48" x 42" on sizes up to 550 gallons; base is 54" x 54" on 793 gallon design
  • Custom sizes available upon request.


  • Dimpled heat transfer surface for cooling.
  • Interior USDA finish or Food Grade weld finish.
  • 1-1/2, 2, or 3 inch Sanitary racking fittings.
  • Thermowell for temperature monitoring.
  • Sanitary butterfly valves and sample port valves.
  • Open top model available.
  • Additional sanitary fittings available.
  • Several manway styles and sizes available.
  • 17" x 13" side door manway.

48" x 42" Base Technical Drawing

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